Have you ever felt overwhelmed, angry,
depressed, sad or maybe another intense feeling because of:

  • Work-related stress
  • Relationship conflict
  • Feeling overwhelmed by life’s circumstances
  • Struggling with making an important decision
  • Feeling unhappy or lost with your life
  • Going through a life transitions
  • Or something else

When these times persist counselling/therapy can be helpful.

I offer Online Counselling. 

  • Online Therapy allows you to connect with me via a secure platform that is encrypted for your confidentiality. The system used is private mail (PrivacEmail).
  • Through Therapeutic Conversations, we communicate with each other on a regular basis (usually weekly).
  • The process is similar to in-person counselling where we work together to figure out what the problem is, how it affects your life, what you want to be different and develop a plan.
  • There is no travelling involved – this makes it convenient for those who find it difficult to attend scheduled meetings due to busy schedules or travel.
  • Clients find it effective.

Sue Allen Counselling Services

Not Accepting Clients at this Time

What My Clients Say About Me?

“Sue held hope for me when I felt hopeless”

“Sue did not give up on us”

“Her calmness helped me calm down”

“Her sense of humour helped me look at things differently”

“Her welcoming demeanour made me feel comfortable in sessions”

“She didn’t judge me”