Online Therapy

Why choose online therapy?

  • It is effective
  • Busy schedule prevents you from getting to scheduled appointments
  • Work schedule involves travel – can respond from anywhere
  • Convenient – can do this from home
  • Perhaps the problems you are facing make it hard to leave the house
  • Accessible
  • The therapist you choose doesn’t have to be in your local community


How It Works?

  • Online Therapy allows you to connect with me via a secure platform that is encrypted for your confidentiality. The system used is PrivacEmail (privacy mail).
  • Through Therapeutic Conversations we communicate with each other on a regular basis (usually weekly).
  • The process is similar to in person counselling where we work together to figure out what the problem is, how it affects your life and what you want to do about it.
  • Request a Complimentary Phone Consultation by leaving a message in the Contact Section

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