The first response I get from people when I tell them that I do Online Therapy is


You mean Video Conferencing?   To which I reply no.

Then you mean Chat?  Again the reply is noo…

Ohhh..  so you mean telephonic????      Again the reply is no.

The next question is soooo……. w-h-a-t     do you do?    [puzzled look on their face]


I then explain that I use a secure system called PrivacEmail to communicate with people.  There are some similarities to email.  During the registration people describe the concerns/problems they are currently facing and what it is that they want some help with.   I then respond to them via email with comments, questions, perhaps requests for clarification and acknowledgement of changes the individual is making.  The individual then responds back to me and then I respond back to them.  And so it goes………..


Then I am often asked if this is effective and who is it most beneficial for????

Research shows this method of therapy is as effective, for most problems, as face to face to face therapy.

There is a reflective nature of sitting down and writing which is therapeutic.

It is convenient – busy schedules, travel, etc can make it difficult to attend scheduled meetings.  When I talk to caregivers carrying for loved ones (children, parents, partners, friends, etc) they often tell me that it often at unusual times (maybe late at night or early morning) when they are free.  My Online Counselling allows people to communicate at any time from a private setting.


Then another question is – how long does this take?

At my end I schedule one hour to reply to each person.  When people receive my response, they can read it all at once and reply    but    my advice is to take your time and really think about what I have said and respond throughout the week.   There is usually a week turn around from the individual after I have responded to them but that can vary and will be decided upon between the individual and myself.  I commit to respond within one business day to an individual’s response.



There are    maannny    more questions that are asked of me      but     I will leave it at this for now.


Stay Tuned for Part 2


Take Care